Freedom: the state of being able to act as one wants. Are you drowning in that bed that always pulls you when you want to get productive. Are you afraid of going outside because you are so comfortable within those four walls? are you taking away your own freedom? Or is that what you call […]

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A poem for granny.

So I wrote this poem last year during my senior high school year. It’s a poem written in my home language (Setswana) a beautiful language. This poem I’ve always wanted to write in some small card and give to my granny with flowers. But I never really had the guts to do so because I […]

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At the age…

At the age of 6 I moved into my first foster home, but is it really one when your mom is there with you too? At the age of 10, I moved into my second foster home. But is it really a home when you feel imprisoned by your thoughts? At the age of 14, […]

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