Tell me.

Are you afraid to be alone And that’s why you cling to others? Are you running to them because you are looking for yourself or because you want to lose yourself. The Bad love you practice towards yourself makes solitude a prison to you. Tell me, You thought she could save you? Can’t you see […]

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A girl with 5 foster homes.

Don’t be deceived she is not a beautiful orthodox. And that’s kind of the reason why I never stopped analyzing this labyrinthine human. Because I needed to know why. Why was she always moving from one intimate relationship to the other. Was it that society should label her as a slut or whore? Or was […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

Originally posted on Just me:
Thank you so much Brainy Essays for nominating me for this award. ? What is the Versatile Blogger Award? • The versatile blogger award is given to bloggers by bloggers as a recognition of the uniqueness of their content and individuality. • It is also a way to honor bloggers who…

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During Mother’s Day.

My biggest fear is that one day my kids will be slitting their tiny wrists about matters I compared to as being “smaller” than what I had experienced during “my times”. My biggest fear is that one day my kids will be forced to create a better life for their kids because I simply failed […]

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He puffed, she choked

And now she’s a mess. Don’t let whoever broke you question your worth. You are still just as strong and maybe more stronger. Don’t let a failed “situationship” define how you are about to carry out the following situations you come across. Don’t let anyone take you from you. Be selfish of yourself. Of your […]

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