02:45 am

Hey, you’ve come down to the correct place. It’s 02:45 am. Let’s talk. My mind is a war field right now. My thoughts are all over the place. But this happens all the time, even when I’m around people. And over years being absent is the most present I have felt. I was thinking about […]

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03:00 am Painting interlude.

Tonight, the room is starry Almost like a Van Gogh painting And I guess that’s how you describe my smile. But tonight we are both artists And I can be your Mona Lisa. Unleash this red garment And discover all the hidden scars You can create your own Da Vinci code. Tonight, we are expressionists […]

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I’ve written about you.

I’ve written about you For it was written about us. I’ve written about you During nights when the moon sold me melancholy in exchange for a space outside my window. I’ve written about you during mornings when a cup of tea was heavy because that’s how my heart felt like. I’ve written about you on […]

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Today I’m here to talk about Love. But the popular aspect of love -Romantic Love. See, well I have never been in many to account for certain things. But all I can say is that romantic love comes in waves. I have been in 4 “titled” relationships so far. And in those relationships I have […]

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